4DMax have three individual photogrammetry scanning systems. Utilising these systems, full body, high resolution head and character scanning can be carried out wherever is needed.


Our cross-polarised, full body and integrated high resolution head DSLR photogrammetry scanning rig, nicknamed Bubble in a nod to film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” is regularly deployed for high volumes of scanning in a studio environment. This system is also configurable for a large physical volume for large costumes etc

Road-Runner Cross (RRX)

Our mobile full body & high resolution head photogrammetry scanning rig is a fully self-contained system inside an american style RV trailer. The mobile system allows us to arrive on location, calibrate and be ready to scan in an exceptionally short time frame - as little as two hours! With the ability to scan people, props and costumes anywhere accessible by road, on location or right next to the stage door, this system has been notably received on it's recent outings for its reliability, self-sufficiency, quick set-up time and quality of deliverables. There are also significant cost savings for Production with this system as parking is much cheaper than studio space (or even free of charge).


Our  photometric scanner, the DS1 nicknamed "Multi-Pass" in a nod to film “The Fifth Element" was added to our suit of scanners in 2016. This scanner incorporates a high resolution head scanner (using a set of high speed DSLRs) with a fully configurable multi-light set up where any lighting sequence of polarised and/or non-polarised imagery can be recorded. This imagery can be used for the generation of normal maps and displacement data, specular separated and will capture bespoke multi-light reference information. We are also able to capture the photometric normals in 360 degrees, in one session, no rotational stitching required.

In addition to these photogrammetry systems we also have structured light systems for non-textured 3D scanning of heads/bodies/props. These highly accurate systems are great for jumping on a plane for those smaller projects that can be undertaken cost effectively anywhere in the world.